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Heavy cargo is predestined for inland waterway vessels which, because of their dimensions, are perfect for the transportation of large-scale or bulky goods, depending on relation. So-called heavy-lift carriers transport any kind of goods that are too heavy or too bulky for containers, complete manufacturing plants or project loads for instance.

When it comes to industrial equipment, transporting large-scale bulky plant units would be significantly cheaper since there are no costs for the dismantling and re-assembling. Extractable stanchions, which rest on the quay or Schwinn-Caissons that are flooded through stanchions in the water thus representing a counterweight, provide stability during the loading and unloading via heavy-lift carriers. In addition, there is also an anti-heeling installation on site. These are large trimming tanks within the ship’s sides that are filled or drained through ballast water pumps thus performing adjustments to the trimming and angle of inclination.

With the help of inland waterway vessels, you may not only transport bridge construction elements, turbines or power plant components cheaper and at sizes that roads could almost impossibly handle, but also a multitude of other goods transgressing any clearance gage.


Germany alone has federal waterways exceeding 7.000 kilometers. But also beyond Europe’s borders, up to the GUS countries, we can offer or organize transport of your cargo on the rivers Dnepr, Prypjat, Beresina, and the Dnepr/Bug Channel, employing inland navigation.

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Russia in particular has the longest inland navigation network in the world with some 12.000 kilometers of navigable rivers. Therefore, transportation of large cargo is especially suitable using inland navigation here. The transport of goods through channels such as Belmovsko-Baltijski, Volga-Don, and Moscow-Volga is mostly possible without transshipment.
We can furthermore offer our customers a best possible utilization of inland waterway vessels for all varieties of heavy load and oversize load utilizing, respectively, employing ships such as the “Volga-Don” with approx. 5.000 tons payload and the “Oksky” with about 1.000 tons.

You should not forget that there are no bans on nighttime, Sunday, and public holiday driving, to say nothing of environmental compatibility or relief of roads.

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