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Globalization of markets makes special demands on your products. Your goods are transported, whether short or long routes across thousands of sea miles at times and subjected to climatic changes, sudden drops in temperature, salt water, dust and a lot of other influences. These mean in almost all cases high stress to your goods.

However, your customers expect them clean and without rust, and that is why your cargo needs to be adequately packed and secured for transport.

Therefore, we do not only care for transport but also professional and appropriate packing using all kinds of materials resp. possibilities, depending on kind of cargo, and selection of optimal transport routes.

Packaging of Plants for Maritime Transport
Heavy-Lift Packaging Considering Static
Packages with Corrosive Protection

Using a special foil (EXCOR as active agent) as well as associated technology we would also pack at the customer’s, immediately before shipment, high-quality polished stainless steel goods irrespective of size (e.g., brewery tanks with diameter of 5 m, etc.), appropriate for transport and protecting from corrosion – Advantage: closed package space, no water access, no contact to acid-transmitting media such as wood, cardboard, hand sweat, etc.

The EXCOR agent oozes out from the package. The EXCOR protective film will evaporate after unpacking within 2-3 hours without leaving residues.

  • Reusable Multiple Times (up to 5 Years)
  • No Greasy and Oily Films, No Solvent, No Hazardous Waste
  • No Disposal Problem, Because It Can Be Recycled, Burnt, and Dumped
  • No Health and Environment Risks

The VCI method action principle with EXCOR agent is saturating the atmosphere by evaporating corrosion-retarding matter and their condensation on metal surfaces as invisible film. It protects the packed goods. We, therefore, can combine the twin-track corrosive protection and package, using EXCOR agent and VCI method.

Performances and Services

Seaworthy Packaging in Boxes, Crates, and Wood Scantling Constructions

Professional and L/C-Standardized Documentation

Container Stowage, Lashing, Securing

Packaging Insurance

Development of Packing Lists

Heavy Load Packaging

Gefahrgutverpackung Luftfracht
Gefahrgutverpackung Luftfracht

You have goods that have to be carefully taken care of and packed; or do you have some other questions that we could answer? We gladly provide consultation for your request. Contact us.

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