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A mixture of carrier/airline and agents with whom we have been enjoying an ever increasing cooperation in the air-freight-cargo sector for so many years now offers you the necessary choice of flexibility and radius of action for more than 200 destinations in over 80 countries worldwide.

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Heavy Haulage via Airplane

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Just in Time

An expression well known in the economy as well as our organizational slogan. Our partner airplanes are especially used in charter air transportation. During a time when warehousing is minimized, manufacturing organizations more and more depend on the application of smaller, faster, and suppler aircrafts. But even in areas of fast and punctual transportations they are of great importance, indeed. Thus, we are able to transport bulky equipment for trade fairs and much more – timely, secure, and without the usual chaos on the roads.

It is particularly true for the ad hoc cargo charter: Regardless of whether fitters have to be brought quickly and uncomplicated to the next project construction site, or replacement parts and tools; or whether important documents need to be dispatched: for all such tasks, the usual mode of transport (like train or scheduled flight, car or bus) is way too cumbersome or situational, either not possible or just too tedious, or simply the wrong way for solving the situation. Everything is possible, be it a single-engine two-seat aircraft, a piper with six seats, or a jumbo jet with accompanying crew. Start and destination may be freely negotiated in air transport.

Upon request, we can provide you with a customized offer, quickly and uncomplicated. Tell us about your ideas and we will check whether they can be made possible while also making the most out of the limits of feasibility. In Europe alone, we have up to 1.000 destinations. As all-round forwarder with an experience of over 60 years, we help you organize fast, individual delivery and special flights.

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