Accomplished Projects

Transporting plants with a length of over 50 meters to Turkey, machines with a height of over five meters to Russia, or transformers with a weight of over 200 tons to Kazakhstan or South Africa is the supreme discipline for any forwarding agency. We are able to transport complete industrial plants from Romania to England within a few weeks. Or hundreds of special steel constructions from Poland to Germany. Or a large amount of compartments which exceed the permitted loading gauge to a construction site in a city center within Germany in just a few days, incl. crane unloading and positioning on pre-determined locations. This and much more is considered the supreme discipline in the international carrying trade, which requires much experience and a proven expertise.
With over 65 years of experience in this field, we deal with all kinds of goods worldwide. While we are located in Rimpar/Lower Franconia, the whole world is our home.

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